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123 Audio Ads

An online audio ad production studio that makes it easy to get a professional radio ad by professional voice over actors.

How does 123AudioAds work?

How much does an audio ad cost?

Can I hear the voiceover talent first?

Can I hear audio ads created by 123AudioAds?


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You can have your radio ad or audio ad in as little as 48 hours.
15 and 30 second ads are the most common for online audio advertising.
We accept all major credit cards through PayPal. 

Curious?  Try it  before you buy it!

30 second audio ad


Every audio ad includes 1 voice talent & music.

60 second audio ad



30 second audio ad with copy


Do you need professional copy for your audio ad?

60 second audio ad with copy


5 second audio ad10 second audio admessage on hold


Changes to the script after the voice over is recorded cost $5 per paragraph changed.

All payments are handled through PayPal.

All audio recordings must abide by our content guidelines.

Still not sure if you should create a commercial with 123AudioAds? 123AudioAds offers you access to professional voice over actors and royalty-free music for radio and online audio commercials, message on hold, and video or website audio for a fraction of agency rates.

You can't get these voice actors for these rates anywhere else! We have exclusive agreements with our handpicked talent. All our talent are pre-screened before they are available for your audio ad. We do this to assure the best quality audio production for you.

Our national talent can be heard on radio and TV ads all over the world. Hear our talent.

Need a professional radio script? You can give us the script for your ad or one of our copywriters can write it and we'll produce a professional audio ad that is perfect for online audio advertising, your website, a radio station, wherever you want to use your audio recording. We specialize in direct response copy for your audio advertisement.

Choose a package and your ad can be delivered in as little as 48 hours. See how it works.

We have written radio ads for mortgage products, clothing stores, car dealers, product review website, web hosting, website design, SEO companies, and law firms to name a few. Whatever your product or service, we can help you define your unique selling point and an effective call to action.

Online audio ads can be very different from traditional radio commercials. We have worked with hundreds of businesses like yours and helped them make the transition to online audio advertising. Online audio ad campaigns can be measured with analytics, click-to-call, and landing pages, so you know what works and what doesn't. We hope you will sign up for an account and request an audio ad from one of our professional voice over artists.


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Radio Station Ad Production Packages Available
Self-serve audio ad production is a cost effective way to monetize your streaming audio.