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123 Audio Ads

An online audio ad production studio that makes it easy to get a professional radio ad.

How does 123AudioAds work?

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How it works:

You need a radio ad or audio ad for your business. You want to use a professional voice talent and maybe even a professional copywriter. You could hire an ad agency, but you really want your money to buy as much actual exposure as you can possibly get.

You could do a Google search for voice talents and negotiate a price for the ad directly, but........ do you know how much you should pay for a radio commercial or audio ad? Frankly, every talent has their price and it's up to you to guess what it is.

That's why we created 123AudioAds! We take all the guess work out of the audio ad creation process with a flat rate for our voiceovers and copywriting. Best of all, your radio ad or audio ad is delivered to your email in as little as 48 hours or less. It's so easy!

We do not sell or provide your account information to any 3rd party. Your registration enables us to save your commercials in the cloud for you to access anywhere, anytime.

15 and 30 second ads are the most common for online audio advertising.

Give your production a name and choose the type of production you want to create.

Create and edit the script to your satisfaction or fill out the script detective questionaire and we will create the copy for you (You approve the copy before we record it.)

Set the gender of the voice talent and add important instructions for the voice talent like how to pronounce an unusual name or location or tone of the ad.

Pick a voice from our directory of award-winning voice talent. Since we do thousands of productions, we can bring you these voices at a fraction of what you would pay to have them do a single spot. Listen to their demos and choose the voice you like best.

Choose background music for your production from our huge library of royalty-free music in many styles.  

Purchase your audio ad online through PayPal when you're done building it. If you have a frequent buyer coupon, please enter your coupon code on the purchase screen. As soon as we receive your payment or a valid coupon code, we'll submit your production to the voice talent.

Once you're notified by email that your audio ad is done, simply visit your production page and hear the complete production before you accept it. 

Want to experiment with the music now that the voice-overs are done? No problem! Choose a different music bed, and 123 Audio Ads will re-mix your production on the spot, so you can hear how it will sound right away. We let you adjust the music selection until it's just right, at no extra charge.

Found an audio glitch or a mistake in the reading of your script? Don't worry; we can take care of that at no extra charge. Want to change the text after the voice-overs are recorded? We can do that for a minimal fee. We'll submit your change requests to the voice talent and notify you by email when the production is ready to review again.

When you're satisfied, simply click the "Accept this production" link. Within just a few minutes, we will email you a link to download your professional 123 Audio Ad! We'll keep a copy of your production in your account, in case you need to download it again or create another one like it.

That's it!  Curious?  Try it  before you buy it!

Now creating an audio ad is as easy as filling out an online form. You can do it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! 

Your production usually takes about 24-48 hours to get voiced, but most work gets completed within hours of submission. This means that you can complete your production on time every time!

Ready to get started? 

Every audio ad includes 1 voice talent & music.

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