Create a Demo Production (message on hold)

Throughout the production building process, you will find hints similar in appearance to this one. Some pages will have hints at the top. In other places, you will find hints below individual form fields which explain what those fields should contain or how they will be used.

Fill out this form to provide basic information about this production. Then, to create the script for your production, press the "Next: Create a script" button.

Production name (required)
The name you enter here will be used throughout the production process to refer to this production. Often this can simply be the name of the company for which you are building this production. If you plan to create more than one production for the same company, the name should be more specific.

Type of business (required)
Please select the type of business for which you are creating this production.

Type of business (if other)
If you selected Other above, then enter the type of business for which you are creating this production here.

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